Marbles and Stones, located in Cianciana (Ag), is an Italian company specialized in marble and stone working.

The company operates marble processing with technologically advanced machinery and uses the great experience of the owner Andrea Carubia.

Our achievements arise from collaboration with architects, designers and artists, with a continuous interchange and sharing of skills.

All this allows us to realize any kind of project that our client submits to us. Our main purpose is to give marbles and stones that we go to work the right relevance and naturalness.

The company is able to produce marble and stone work in all areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, monuments, and thanks to the innovative Light Marble System, to create furniture and artifacts for the most varied applications (naval, airplane , Residential), which require the need for a product with an extremely light weight, but made of marble.

In this field over the years we have developed collaborations with internationally renowned artists for the realization of works of art in different parts of the way, such as collaboration with English artist Lee Simmons, for the realization of a memorial dedicated to memories of members of the Westminster board fallen during the First World War, installed Westminster, one of London’s main neighborhoods.

My name is ANDREA CARUBIA,and I have always worked in the marble industry. My father was a sculptor and did the same.

When I first started this job as a young boy I thought marble was something cold but then, as I went on, I learnt to love it. Now I see it as something that conveys emotions and I like that because then the emotions reach our customers and marble becomes a means of communication. So working marble is wonderful.


These are wonderful stones with unique colours and nuances.

There are no higher quality stones, this is the opinion of our customers when they see their completed projects

In these projects we used small pieces of stone found on the territory of the customer. Obviously these stones cannot be found on the market as there are no quarries or if there are quarries, they are no longer active. We have repeated this experience several times and each time we have obtained the same success. Designers and clients have been involved together to choose the various colours of the stone and to find the best technical solutions.

Staircases, kitchens, windows and fire places are just some examples of our work.

It is very gratifying for us to complete these projects.



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di Andrea Carubia
C.da Savarini – km 98.600 ss 118
Cianciana (AG)
Tel/fax: 0922/987591
Skype: andrea carubia
E-mail: imarmielepietre@virgilio.it
Facebook:  i marmi e le pietre
Instagram: imarmielepietre
Google +:   i marmi e le pietre

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