If you are thinking about what kind of marble you need for your projects and you don’t want it to break, to be too heavy and not too thick then,

Here is the solution !!!!
The new lightweight marble system

Its characteristics solve many of the problems that may arise when planning projects that use marble

Why choose it?

Light and practical. 19 kgs per square metre, a third of the weight of a 2 centimetre slab of marble. Its benefits are the way it can be transported, packed, posed and so on

Flooring and covering of all kinds. It can be used to make all kinds of objects, whatever the size, as it won’t break

The new system of lightweight marble is highly economical representing a saving of 20% to 40% depending on the kind of marble.

Other products of this kind use rigid supports like alluminium honeycomb supports, glass, plastic panels and so on. We use an environment friendly compost with a concrete base made of one part in marble with a thickness of 6 mm and a sandwich structure of 3 mm which, in turn, is made of two layers of glass fibre, and a second part in cement mortar formed by a 10% mix of cement and chemical additives and 90% marble dust.

I can assure you that this system has completely changed my way of working with marble. If you have any ideas in mind, call us straight away...We shall be happy to call you back.